Mipel Leathergoods Showroom in Corea


From 18 to 20 October 2017, will be the third appointment for MIPEL Leathergoods Showroom in Korea.

Following the success of recent editions (October 2016 and March 2017), the show-event “MIPEL Showroom Leathergoods in Korea” returns to Seoul with 12 Italian leather goods companies who will present the SS 2018 collections at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Gangnam.The two previous events had success for press and Local Fashion Bloggers.

The 2016 export data shows that Korea is at the eighth place among the leading destination countries of Italian leather goods, with a turnover of 290 million euros and a growth of  3.6%. For this reason, AIMPES’s focus is on the Korean market is supported by the actions carried out by MISE – the Economic Development Agency and ICE Agency.

ICE Agency supported MIPEL during the last edition on September 2017 with a preliminary press campaign for the event, followed by the selection and invitation of a qualified delegation of around 30 buyers who, in addition to visiting the event and making meetings B to B, also took part in the promotion project organized by AIMPES in collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. For this new initiative promoted by AIMPES and MIPEL on the Korean market, ICE Agency joins again the Association and supports leathergoods companies with a detailed communication plan for the event and an incoming of 10 of the most important Korean distribution chains that will visit event and will make meetings with Italian companies.


During the current edition will be involved some selected Buyers from countries of Incheon, Daegu and Bausan that will greatly extend the audience.

During the event, will be organized a roundtable about international scouting, with some Buyer Influencers and journalists from leading fashion magazines. With this initiative, MIPEL aims to intercept Korean consumer tastes  searching for new brands in the industry.

For this third edition of “MIPEL Showroom Leathergoods in Korea” MIPEL wants to recreate a trend area with selected products, in a continuum with MIPEL (September 17-20, 2017), highlighting the “beautiful and well done” of Italian leather goods.

Below the list of participants brand : Bagolo, Claudia Firenze, Cmp Bags, Chromia, Kilesa, La Fille des Fleurs, Lexiapel, Lisa C, Lucrezia Kauffman, Marco Masi Milan, Plinio Visonà, Raro Atelier.

AIMPES confirms its vocation to internationalization developing  foreign events aimed to promote leathergoods market. After the event “MIPEL SHOWROOM in Korea”, the following week, it will take place Russian Obuv ‘Moscow event (October 24-27, 2017). Both initiatives received support from ICE-Agency.


Giornale.it 26 October 2017