The Glamourous

Proved to be an innovative meeting point between top buyers and up-and- coming designers.

At each edition of TheGlamourous, four top Italian buyers present four trendy designers, giving visibility to their collections both in the dedicated area during MIPEL, and in the windows of their stores.

During the edition of MIPEL113 (11-14 February 2018)
the 4 international buyers who have proposed the 4 trendy designers are:

MIPEL113 ( 11-14 February, 2018)

Below we present the stores and their designers:

Cose_ presented Giorgia Baiocco
Eleonora Bonucci_ presented  Maissa
Gigi Tropea_ presented Micoli
Stilmoda_ presented  Alila


Based in the historic center of Cremona, COSE has been offering the best of classic Italian and younger international brands since 1986. Staff at Cose believe in enriching wardrobes with current clothing staples alongside past season pieces, with the ultimate end goal: no customer will leave looking like the next.


GIORGIA BAIOCCO is the designer of the homonymous brand of leather bags realized in Tuscany. Continuous research, high quality manufacture and obsessive care of details are the perfect mix to create an exclusive style product. Unusual shapes, combinations of different colours and geometric volumes: the key word for the new Giorgia Baiocco collection is “have fun”.


opens its first store in the historic center of Viterbo in 2001 and 2008. At the same time it realizes a project that has become an established reality today: the online store The trait d’union and the idea behind Eleonora Bonucci store is the research for new trends combined with classic fashion. Future and history that blend together to create uniqueness.


MAISSA was founded in 2016 by Giulia Ber Tacchini. Maissa is a name that comes from a family name, and in Arabic it has the beautiful meaning of “shining star.” A collection of bags, “sculptures” , with a powerful and visionary design, that combines the heritage of the high quality, Italian craftsmanship with the innovation of 3Dprinting like galvanized brass or Silver. It ‘a collection with playful attitude and speaks the same fun-loving language of the world that communicates through emoticons.


Nine showcases and an outdoor area in front of the sea, in viale Africa – named Catania District Design – carry customers into a space where Zen atmosphere meets the sophisticated contemporary western taste. The commercial proposal is the result of a research that combines well-known fashion brands with young emerging designers.


MICOLI is a women’s accessories collection defined by purity, Italian craftsmanship, a modernist silhouette and sensual relationship to the body. MICOLI is for a woman who appreciates practical but elegant shapes, sensual materials and a dynamic sense of order and simplicity that dialogues with her body and demanding lifestyle.
This collection is called “Natural Tendency” and offers a progression in colour and shapes for Fall Winter 2018.


Since 1964 Stilmoda is passion, style and elegance. For over fifty years Stilmoda Boutique, located in the heart of Lignano Sabbiadoro, is a reference point for designer clothes shopping. The taste for beauty, the sense of aesthetics, the pleasure for harmonies and proportions are essential elements of Stilmoda. A concept of boutique that goes beyond the commonplace. The STILMODA logo, along with the slogan, YOUR PERSONAL STYLE, identifies the company and represents the project born from the passion for style. Being Stilmoda means choosing a way of being, unique and individual.


Alila is born from a joyous and enthusiastic idea by Elena Busato. With her husband Lionello Barbuio, she creates a unique line of fashion accessories, elegant and innovative. The collection is made by unique and exclusive products, handcrafted in Italy with technical materials combined with high quality fabrics such as Tweed and Velvet. Jewelery bags, sparkling, high quality accessories characterized by a contemporary design and well recognizable features.

During the edition of MIPEL112 (17-20 September 2017)
the 4 international buyers who have proposed the 4 trendy designers are:

MIPEL112 (17-20 September 2017)

The 4 international buyers who proposed the 4 trendy designers are:

Dell’Oglio Palermo 1890_ presented Majo
Luisa_ presented Corti Milano
Nugnes 1920_presented Imemoi
Spinnaker_ presented Arnoldo Battois

MIPEL111 (12-15 February, 2017)


Tessabit_ presented Officina del Poggio
O’_ presented Capsula
L’Inde Le Palais_ presented Juree Erba
Bernardelli_ presented Irma Cipolletta

MIPEL110 (3-6 September 2016)


L’Inde Le Palais_ presented Pugnetti Parma
Mantovani_ presented Zanchetti
Penelope_ presented Cecchi de Rossi
Sugar_ presented LUCE

MIPEL109 (14-17 February 2016)


Biffi_ presented CorsoUndici
DAAD_ presented Simona Tagliaferri
La Tenda_ presented IS
Pupi Solari_ presented AnimaDverte
Tessabit_ presented Hyboy