The Glamourous

Proved to be an innovative meeting point between top buyers and up-and- coming designers. Four esteemed Italian buyers will “adopt” four on-trend designers, giving visibility to their collections both within the show’s dedicated area and in the windows of their stores.

Please find the list of the buyer/designer that joined the project

MIPEL111 ( 12-15 February, 2017)

Tessabit_ presented Officina del Poggio

O’_ presented Capsula

L’Inde Le Palais_ presented Juree Erba

Bernardelli_ presented Irma Cipolletta

MIPEL110 (3-6 September 2016)

L’Inde Le Palais_ presented Pugnetti Parma
Mantovani_ presented Zanchetti
Penelope_ presented Cecchi de Rossi
Sugar_ presented LUCE

MIPEL109 (14-17 February 2016)

Biffi_ presented CorsoUndici
DAAD_ presented Simona Tagliaferri
La Tenda_ presented IS
Pupi Solari_ presented AnimaDverte
Tessabit_ presented Hyboy

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