According to recent informations, some companies are offering media and digital services using “MIPEL” brand.

Therefore, we invite exhibitors to carefully check the content and authenticity of the source in the awareness that AIMPES and Aimpes Servizi Srl, organizers of MIPEL, have never authorized any company to process the data of its exhibitors and / or use of their distinctive signs (eg brand name) or use of “MIPEL” brand.

For your information, below is a list of companies that as far as we know are potential misleading communicators:

PE FAIR EXPO, located at Gaya Street 5-57, 230010, Grodno, BELARUS.

About that, for information and protection of our exhibitors, we highlight that AGCM, The Italian authority for the protection of fair competition and market, verified and claimed against two companies because of “unfair commercial practice carried out for having unilaterally and unfairly obtained data of Italian companies to promote a multi-years agreement for an advertising service “.

Aimpes Servizi S.r.l. furthermore, inform you that it has promptly provided to entrust the management to his lawyers in order to claim against the companies listed above. If an exhibitor needs clarification or becomes aware of new cases, it is strongly invited to check it with his / her legal consultant or to contact us at the following email address: segreteria@mipel.it