Next MIPEL edition will be very special and rich in contents: the project “MIPEL in città” can count on the exclusive collaboration with the most important Italian musical and lifestyle magazine “Rolling Stone Italia” and with the multi-awarded department store “Rinascente”. The initiative involved a great investment and it has been possible thanks to the support of the Italian Trade Acency. It can gives visibility to the fair and to MIPEL exhibitors.

MIPEL113 creativity is dedicated to the senses: “Watch, listen, touch”. This is the theme that will guide the exhibition path, the new advertising campaign as well as the “FEEL YOUR ROLLING BAG” contest reserved to the exhibitors that will have the unique opportunity to create a limited edition bag inspired by “Rolling Stone” theme, something that is able to represent the sense of “feel”, in perfect harmony with the creativity of the event and with its own brand identity.

The twenty finalists brand will have the privilege to display their creations at Department Store “La Rinascente”, in Piazza Duomo, Milan, for the entire period of MIPEL.

The offial contest award ceremony will be on Monday 12 February  at the seventh floor of “La Rinascente” during the exclusive night event, organized in partnership with “Rolling Stone Italia”. It will be the opportunity to show how much the associates can do for accessories and fashion world.

Participating to the contest is an opportunity not to be missed! Lot of visibility to the product and to the brand, thanks also to an email marketing campaign carried out directly by the Department Store favour of the owners of “RinascenteCard”, as well as the publication of the initiative on the official website “La Rinascente”, possibility to see their product exhibited in the most beautiful store in the world (La Rinascente was, in fact, the best Department Store in the world during the 2016 Global Department Store Summit), the opportunity to get in touch with a select group of buyers to “feel” their creativity , their style, the quality of their products.

For AIMPES association and for MIPEL is a great satisfaction offer this special occasion: to discover more read the attached below.