interview hp france

We at HP France highly consider the originality, the uniqueness and the novelty.

90% of our customers are female, women up to 35 years of age. These are women who work and require a functional product.

We mainly deal with French brands such as “Jacques le Corre” for bags; “Iosselliani”, an Italian brand of accessories and clothing for “Martin Margiela”, “Isola Marras” etc.

When choosing a product, we attach importance to the degree of innovation, care of the details, and the emotional impact that can be aroused in the buyer.

I am for the first time at MIPEL and so I am very excited to visit the event.
We are looking for products other than those already on the Japanese market: special colors combinations, refined design, research.
Italian products are characterized by a pushy design and are the result of great craftsmanship. These, in short, are the products we are looking for.