MIPEL announces great news for its next edition, which will be held from 10 to 13 February 2019.

The theme of the event will be sustainability, long-term mission for Assopellettieri – promoter of MIPEL – proposing to become a driving force for development for all companies in the leather goods chain.

To anticipate this vocation is the advertising campaign. Four virtuous posters that thanks to the illustrations of the designer Irene Ghillani tell the characters chosen by Mipel as brand ambassadors and their slogans.

Selected protagonists because each one in his own field has made himself the sole spokesman of the commitment to sustainability:

Aldo Tempesti, President of TexClubTech, an association whose primary objective is the development and promotion of innovative and eco-sustainable technical textiles.

Bav Taylor, designer of the homonymous 100% sustainable luxury brand and member of the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF), a global platform that unites brands that have embarked on a path towards sustainable fashion.

Enrica Borghi, an artist who in his works transforms in a poetic key recycled materials such as plastic bottles, glass, metal stoppers, milk cartons.

Fulvia Bacchi, General Manager of the Unic Group and CEO of Lineapelle, has always been at the forefront of the commitment to sustainability of the Italian tanning industry.

The new advertising campaign anticipates an important edition for MIPEL that aims to start a real conversation on sustainability within the supply chain, involving exhibitors and buyers around these issues.