MIPEL113-The new image

MIPEL dedicates the next edition to the three senses “Look, Listen, Touch“. This is the theme that will guide the exhibition path as well as the new advertising campaign of the event.


Creative director Matteo Zara, inspired by the outer tubular architecture of the Pompidou Center, as well as the visionary works of artist Yayoi Kusama, conceived three perceptual pathways dedicated to vision, hearing and touch. “Why do you feel with your eyes? sees with your mouth, you can taste it with your hands. “The intention is to engage visitors in a sensory experience, inviting them not only to look but to live in spaces in a unique way, stimulating feelings and emotions.

The new edition also includes the print campaign, photographed in a refined black and white by Paolo di Giovanni with the creative direction of Matteo Zara. The protagonists of the shots, the bodies of a man and a woman in sensual compositions, clearly recall the acts of watching, listening, touching.