MIPEL, the most important international fair dedicated to fashion handbags and accessories, has unveiled the theme of its next edition, the 116th, which will be held in Milan from 15th to 18th September 2019 at the Fieramilano-RHO spaces in Milan.

The event will be dedicated to the theme of sustainability, already part of the concept of the event last February. Through some metaphorical installations, MIPEL launches a clear message: all the green of our planet, hills, mountains, plants, trees, abandons the earth due to indiscriminate mistreatment  and pollution.

To explain this tragic abandonment, the fair’s advertising campaign features a figurative element: the mirror.

The mirror depicts a doorway between the real and the imaginary, shows us what is there but could disappear.

As in the reflection of the mirror, in which the space expands, revealing what to the eye may not appear but which instead constitutes a fundamental part of our world, that is nature, even man should expand his gaze and stop intervening on the environment without worrying about the consequences, thus realizing that the time left to “save” our world is very little and that respect for nature (but also for man) is an essential condition for this purpose.

The campaign focuses on the contrast between the work of man that intervenes on the nature and the beauty of the reflection of nature itself, pure and uncontaminated.

MIPEL therefore launches a message that speaks of sustainability, harmonious coexistence between man and nature, in the hope of raising awareness, also through the projects that will be presented at the fair. MIPEL launches a concept also on its contents: even leather, an element offered by nature itself, can and must be interpreted in a sustainable manner, both in terms of procurement and processing techniques.

The place that made it possible to best interpret this message is the Sculpture Park of Chianti, in the province of Siena; a magical place in which the works of man in the form of sculptures are integrated with the surrounding nature