The Glamourous

The Glamourous is the exclusive area sponsored by Camera Italiana Buyer Moda (Italian Buyers National Chamber). It is an innovative meeting point of Italian buyers and emerging designers.

At each edition of TheGlamourous, four top Italian buyers present four trendy designers, giving visibility to their collections in a dedicated area during MIPEL.

During the edition of MIPEL114 (16-19 September 2018)
the 4 international buyers who propose the 4 trendy designers are:

MIPEL114 ( 16-19 September, 2018)

Below we present the stores and their designers:

Marcos_ presents Emanuela Caruso
Luciana Boutique_ presents Roberto Di Stefano
Lungolivigno Fashion
_ presents Isla Fontaine
Dolci Trame_ presents Frenzlauer



For 50 years Marcos has been the reference point for the most exclusive fashion proposals. Its selection ranges from tailored garments to the most renowned luxury brands, offering customers a classic and cosmopolitan style.



Tradition and innovation are the key elements of EMANUELA CARUSO Capri, that creates accessories with a retro soul, a contemporary mood and extraordinary decorations. Quality, exclusivity and attention for the details are essential features of this brand. All the leathers are rigorously Made in Italy and crafted by local artisans.



Luciana Bari opened in 1960. Its decades-long experience allows the store to carry out a careful and innovative research, not only among the best luxury brands, but also emerging talents, bringing on the market valid and undisputed proposals.



The bags and accessories’ brand Roberto di Stefano bore from the creativity of the Swiss designer. Its distinguishing feature is its design: essential, functional, never predictable. Simple and geometric shapes are combined with leathers and refined custom-made materials. All the bags are made in Italy, in Lombard and Tuscan laboratories.



Five stores that are a benchmark for high-fashion lovers. Five essential places to go when shopping in Livigno, if you want to stroll around top designers and new entry in the fashion world.



Isla Fontaine is a brand that merges Italian manufacture to contemporary design and sophisticated glamour: the result are high-quality accessories with a contemporary aesthetic. Isla Fontaine sensitivity mixes the influences of Art Decò and Contemporary Art, offering “classics of the future” characterized by pure lines and a kaleidoscope of colours.



DOLCI TRAME is a reality born in 1988 in the heart of Siena. Since over thirty years, it offers collections of clothing and accessories by international designers. It presents an eclectic selection of brands, innovative and experimental clothes, classic and avant-garde bags and conceptual jewels



Handcrafted leather goods, neat lines and plain symmetries rigorously Made in Italy. The brand Frenzlauer, born from the passion of Francesca Neri, offers bags in neutral colours and refined shapes. Bags dedicated to a woman who values the essence and the simplicity of life.

During the edition of MIPEL113 (11-14 February 2018)
the 4 international buyers who have proposed the 4 trendy designers are:

MIPEL113 ( 11-14 February, 2018)

Below we present the stores and their designers:

Cose_ presents Giorgia Baiocco
Eleonora Bonucci_ presents Maissa
Gigi Tropea_ presents Micoli
Stilmoda_ presents  Alila

MIPEL112 (17-20 September, 2017)

Dell’Oglio Palermo 1890_ presents Majo
Luisa_ presents Corti Milano
Nugnes 1920_presents Imemoi
Spinnaker_ presents Arnoldo Battois

MIPEL111 (12-15 February, 2017)

Tessabit_ presents Officina del Poggio
O’_ presents Capsula
L’Inde Le Palais_ presents Juree Erba
Bernardelli_ presents Irma Cipolletta

MIPEL110 (3-6 September 2016)

L’Inde Le Palais_ presents Pugnetti Parma
Mantovani_ presents Zanchetti
Penelope_ presents Cecchi de Rossi
Sugar_ presents LUCE

MIPEL109 (14-17 February 2016)

Biffi_ presents CorsoUndici
DAAD_ presents Simona Tagliaferri
La Tenda_ presents IS
Pupi Solari_ presented AnimaDverte
Tessabit_ presents Hyboy